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Topco İstanbul Petroleum Products Industry and Trade Inc.


The purpose of its operations is to provide its petrochemical products to the Turkish and international markets from Producer to End User and Trader Companies with the most convenient prices, services and logistic conditions.

Benefiting from the advantage of stock keeping in Turkey and at the border, it is trying to cope as fast as possible with our customers’ changing demands.

On the logistics side, it collaborates with the biggest and best international shipping agencies and logistic companies in the world, actualizing the product deliveries by land and sea in the fastest and most appropriate way.

TOPCO ISTANBUL is the private sales agent of one of the most famous and biggest raw material producers in the world.

Moreover, being backed by this great power, it has also the possibility to procure first hand the petrochemical products of the other global petrochemical facilities in its region.

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Professional service in order to get complete and fast supply management for raw materails